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Treetops School

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Welcome to the Treetops School

A warm welcome to Treetops School which is a Special School located in Buxton Road, Grays, Essex. Treetops School is part of the Treetops Learning Community Trust which also includes Treetops Free School. We pride ourselves on creating a warm, caring and approachable environment. We are committed to adapting our curriculum to meet the needs of all our learners, thus allowing them every opportunity to gain the skills they require to make their next step whether that's within a lesson; for the next day; transition to their new class; next key stage or when graduating and going onto further education, employment or training.    


We have highly qualified and experienced staff who work closely with families and in collaboration with other schools, local businesses and professionals to continually look to improve our curriculum by focusing on practical learning experiences and inclusion for our learners within school and the wider community.   


To deliver the curriculum effectively we are passionate about developing and creating an environment where learners' every success is celebrated no matter how small. To achieve this, we have developed a Therapeutic approach where learners are coached how to self-regulate to the point where they feel ready to learn. Some learners need support with this whereas others are able to recognise when they are getting anxious and can independently use strategies, they know work for them. Therefore, you might see a learner taking time out in a safe space, going for a walk or using a fidget toy all of which we encourage. Readiness to learn strategies are pivotal as we prepare learners for adulthood. To facilitate this, we use ‘Zones of Regulation’ which are adapted to suit the learner's level of need.   


In partnership, we strive to achieve QUALITY learning experiences to gain EQUALITY and provide OPPORTUNITY for our learners to exceed their perceived potential.  


If you can’t find the information you need on our website or would like to know more, please contact us. If your young person has an EHCP and you think that Treetops might be the right school for them, I would be very pleased to show you around personally.    


Jon Brewer  


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